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Owing to Iceland's geographical position in the North Atlantic, and its geotectonic position over a mantle plume and astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, geological and tectonic processes are extraordinarily rapid and easily observed in Iceland. On the constructive side, some 20 to 30 volcanic eruptions occur every century on average, producing lava in the order of 45 km3/1000 years.

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At the undergraduate level, our faculty offers programmes in Geology and Geophysics. Undergraduate programmes are taught in Icelandic but some courses might be offered in English
Modern geology is process-oriented, and Iceland is exceptionally well suited for the study of various geological processes. Here the raw elements that have shaped the Earth throughout most of its 4.5 billion year history are creating and moulding the surface and lithosphere faster than in most other places. Therefore, geophysicists and physical geographers alike, geochemists, petrologists, and human geographers, will all benefit a great deal from studying in Iceland - how the forces of nature created the Earth we know, and how they shape the people living in Iceland.

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