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About the Faculty of Icelandic and Comparative Cultural Studies

The Faculty of Icelandic and Comparative Cultural Studies is part of the University of Iceland School of Humanities.

The academic programmes in Icelandic delve into Icelandic literature and Icelandic grammar, from when books were first written to the present day. The faculty also offers programmes in Practical Icelandic, where students are provided with an overview of the main aspects of the language and receive training in applying the language orally and in writing. Furthermore, Creative Writing is now taught as a major, with modules on the creation of stories, plays, poetry and manuscripts. The Language Technology programme deals with the use of IT in languages and the use of languages in IT; the programme is offered in collaboration with Reykjavík University. 

A separate programme in Icelandic for foreign students is offered, as well as a short programme in practical Icelandic for international students.

Comparative Literature offers students training in reading and interpreting Western literature, and literature from other parts of the world. Furthermore, modules on theatre studies are available, and close connections with the programmes in Cultural Studies and Film Studies; the latter now being available as a major. Programmes in Art History provide students with knowledge on the history of visual arts and train them in analysing and interpreting works of visual art and other visual material.

General Linguistics deals with human language from as many points of view as possible, research into the development of languages, their structure and function.

Sign Language Studies teaches Icelandic sign language skills, the linguistics of sign language and deaf culture and history.

In Translation Studies, students are trained in disseminating information in different cultures and provided with an insight into the history of translation, from antiquity to computerised modern translation technology.

The programme in Practical Editorship and Theory of Publication focuses on preparing students for various careers in writing and editing.