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School of Engineering and Natural Sciences

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School of Engineering and Natural Sciences

The University of Iceland is the largest and most prestigious university in the country. We have a long tradition in undertaking research and teaching across all disciplines of Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Innovation and initiative

We offer ambitious studies in the field of Engineering and Natural sciences.

Study programmes at our School prepare students for the future and our students are encouraged to participate in innovative projects.

Networking is one of the advantages of studying at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, as students are a part of an extensive cooperation between the University and companies in the field of technology and research.

Multinational community

The work environment is international. The rate of international students and staff grows each year.

The School's research institutes are sought-after partners at foreign universities and play a significant role in the science community.

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SENS Student Service
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Open weekdays 09:00 a.m. - 15:30 p.m.

Tel. +354 525 4700 

Tæknigarður - Dunhagi 5, 107 Reykjavík  
Askja - Sturlugata 7, 102 Reykjavík

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