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Students testing equipment

Research in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science span a broad field and are carried out under the auspices of the UI Engineering Research Institute.

All academic staff in permanent positions at the faculty are active in research cooperation with domestic and international institutions, businesses and universities.

Research at the faculty is both practical and theoretical, and a rich emphasis is placed on publishing results in international peer-reviewed venues, such as in academic journals and at conferences.

Master's projects (M.S.)

Master's projects are a substantial component of the master's programme. A Master's project involves the student working on a defined project, often in relation to a business or institution, where the student uses his/her knowledge to analyse and solve a problem, presenting the results in the form of a dissertation.

A variety of opportunities exist for research grants in Master's programmes. Amongst other things, it is the role of the supervisor to obtain such grants.

Skemman is an electronic archive storing students‘ final projects and employees‘ scientific publications.

Doctoral projects (Ph.D.)

Doctoral dissertations are accessible at the National and University Library.