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Institute of Research Centres

Institute of Research Centres

The Institute is a venue for the University's collaboration with local authorities, institutions, businesses, and individuals in rural areas.

Its objectives are to meet the demand for research and education all over Iceland, to provide facilities for research projects dealing with local environmental and societal conditions, to provide facilities for students' field work, to increase access to research based education in rural areas, and to strengthen the University's ties to local enterprises and daily life in rural areas.

Fólk í jöklaskoðun

Research at the Centres

The Research Centers carry out a variety of research, but among the topics are:

  • natural sciences
  • marine ecosystems
  • environment and land use
  • whales, fish, and birds
  • tourism
  • literature
  • history
  • ethnology and archeology

Contact us

The director of the Institute is Sæunn Stefánsdóttir

Main Building/A-162
102 Reykjavík

Tel: +354 525 4041 / + 354 892 8835