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Division of Marketing and Public Relations

Division of Marketing and Public Relations - Available at University of Iceland

The University of Iceland Division of Marketing and Public Relations oversees all marketing and public relations work at the University and coordinates this work across all units.Service is generally provided between 9 A.M. to 3 P.M.
Location: Main Building, Level 2 - South.

The role of the Division of Marketing and Public Relations is to share information with all target groups, internal and external, about the diverse and important work taking place at the University of Iceland, e.g. in the fields of teaching, learning, research and innovation This means that the Division shall:

  • promote trust and increased awareness of the University's value and demonstrate how its work has a wide-reaching impact on society
  • demonstrate how researchers and students take on the challenges of the modern world
  • be responsible for diverse scientific outreach to all target groups, domestic and international
  • build links and dialogue with other levels of the education system
  • improve the experiences and loyalty of the University community, wider society and benefactors
  • communicate information to the University community
  • improve promotion, not least online, of available study programmes and simplify searches for programmes
  • strengthen online services and online academic guidance
  • support increased collaboration with wider society, industry and other institutions
  • provide marketing and communications services to other units at the University
  • standardise all public relations at the University and advise all units
  • ensure that all University marketing and public relations material use the latest and most effective methods and present a clear, united vision

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