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Chemical analysis – from atoms to biomolecules (EFNGREIN)

Chemical analysis – from atoms to biomolecules (EFNGREIN) - Available at University of Iceland

The EFNGREIN project aims to advance, maintain and improve access to infrastructure that is necessary for carrying out chemical analysis on a wide variety of molecules. Progressive infrastructure for chemical analysis is essential for both basic and applied molecular sciences.

The infrastructure will support research and development in Icelandic universities, research institutions and industry, within the fields of medicine, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, the molecular life sciences, biotechnology, medical and chemical engineering, nutrition and chemistry.

Additional details on the analytical instruments, location and access can be found on the infrastructure page below.


Proposers of the project University of Iceland

The Science Institute Contact: Óttar Rolfsson, Professor

Estimated total cost of the project is 650 million ISK in the period of 2021 to 2026.

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