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University of Iceland Quality Assurance Policy

University of Iceland Quality Assurance Policy - Available at University of Iceland

Approved at the University Forum on 14 April and by the University Council on 7 June 2018

In general

  • The University is an institution for the free pursuit of knowledge and scientific work, where scientific ethics are upheld.
  • The goal of the University is to educate people who are competent to take on contemporary challenges and build a dynamic University community working systematically towards the preservation, acquisition and communication of knowledge.
  • All staff and students are responsible for cultivating and supporting a quality culture based on the values of the University of Iceland, thereby promoting high quality learning, research and services to wider society provided on the basis of knowledge at the University.
  • University staff all approach their work with continuous improvement in mind in order to ensure an efficient, up-to-date and inspiring learning environment as well as a productive work environment.
  • The University serves Icelandic society while also taking into account international trends and policies.
  • The University seeks to hire the most competent individuals and encourages recruitment that fosters equal age distribution of academic staff.

Teaching and learning

  • Study programmes at the University are based on the University's core values and shall also be inspiring, challenging, well organised, tackle contemporary challenges, and meet quality standards.
  • Teaching staff base teaching methods and the presentation of material on students' needs and encourage integrity, where the strictest standards for academic working practices are upheld.
  • Students receive an education that meets the requirements of Icelandic society as well as international benchmarks and quality standards.
  • Teaching staff and students are actively engaged in developing and reviewing study programmes in accordance with standards and requirements at the University.
  • The content of study programmes reflects the latest knowledge from internationally recognised research. Study programmes systematically integrate research and teaching and seek to address the challenges currently facing society.
  • Study programmes are developed, where applicable, in close collaboration with industry representatives.


  • The University promotes the idea that research should be in line with the needs of society and contemporary challenges.
  • Researchers apply scientifically recognised methods to their subject matter.
  • The University supports public access to the outcomes of scientific research, including data and research findings, through the use of information technology. Research findings shall be published in recognised scientific outlets.
  • The University supports the publication of research findings in appropriate outlets and the use of research findings to benefit society.
  • The University encourages collaboration between academic staff, both within Iceland and internationally, as well as the formation of research teams focusing on clear, interdisciplinary topics. The University seeks to ensure that all academic staff are able to fulfil their potential in research and encourages staff to help one another.


  • The University has a clear policy for the development of infrastructure, which supports its strategy for teaching and research and enables staff to conduct outstanding research.
  • Infrastructure meets legal standards and requirements and is based on best working practices.