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The School of Education hosts a number of events for its staff, students, collaborators, and the public. One of the most significant is the Conference on Educational Sciences, Menntakvika.


The annual conference of the School of Education, Menntakvika: Research, innovation and development, is held in October each year. The purpose of the conference is to introduce and communicate what is up and coming in the field of education and related fields. Nearly three hundred lectures are held during Menntakvika which makes it one of the largest conferences at the University of Iceland. Participants are from all faculties within the School of Education as well as from other fields.

Presentation of new professors

The school of education celebrates the academic promotion or hiring of new professors with a special introduction address. The address begins with a short overview of the principal works of the professor in question, followed by a talk by the professor about their own work and future hopes in their instructions and research.

Literacy conference

The School of Education holds a conference about literacy each year. The purpose of the conference is to create a platform for experts, scholars, and educators to introduce projects and research in regards to literacy. Some of the lectures are held in English.

The masters forum

Diverse research in the field of education is the topic of the masters forum which is held once per semester at the University of Iceland. Here, the M.Ed and MA graduate students have an opportunity to hold short talks about their final theses. Some of these forums are held in English.