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Administration and Staff

Default image of a personAnna Rós JóhannesdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)8253748 [at]
Default image of a personÁgúst Gunnar GylfasonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher) [at]
Default image of a personÁgústa Sól PálsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)asp8 [at]
Picture of Ásta SnorradóttirÁsta SnorradóttirLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5254288astasnorra [at]
Default image of a personDögg PálsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher) [at]
Default image of a personEllý Alda ÞorsteinsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)eat6 [at]
Picture of Erla Björg SigurðardóttirErla Björg SigurðardóttirAdjunct Lecturerebs [at]
Picture of Freydís J FreysteinsdóttirFreydís J FreysteinsdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254334fjf [at]
Picture of Guðbjörg OttósdóttirGuðbjörg OttósdóttirLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5254555gudbjoro [at]
Picture of Guðný Björk EydalGuðný Björk EydalProfessor5254258ge [at]
Default image of a personGunnlaug ThorlaciusSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)gut3 [at]
Picture of Gyða HjartardóttirGyða HjartardóttirAdjunct Lecturergydahj [at]
Picture of Halldór Sigurður GuðmundssonHalldór Sigurður GuðmundssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)3544609100halldorg [at]
Picture of Helga Sif FriðjónsdóttirHelga Sif FriðjónsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)5254983helgasif [at]
Default image of a personHelga Sól ÓlafsdóttirLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)8253544helgasol [at]
Picture of Hervör Alma ÁrnadóttirHervör Alma ÁrnadóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254081hervora [at]
Default image of a personHéðinn UnnsteinssonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)hedinn [at]
Picture of Hrefna ÓlafsdóttirHrefna ÓlafsdóttirLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5255458hrefnaol [at]
Picture of Jón Kristján RögnvaldssonJón Kristján RögnvaldssonAdministrative Officer5255417jonkristjan [at]
Picture of Jóna Margrét ÓlafsdóttirJóna Margrét ÓlafsdóttirAdjunct Lecturer5255997jona [at]
Default image of a personKatrín Guðný AlfreðsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)kga2 [at]
Default image of a personKristín Berta GuðnadóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)kristibe [at]
Default image of a personKristín EinarsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)kre25 [at]
Default image of a personMargrét Sigríður BlöndalSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher) [at]
Default image of a personPáll ÓlafssonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)pallo [at]
Picture of Sigrún HarðardóttirSigrún HarðardóttirLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5254377sighar [at]
Picture of Sigrún JúlíusdóttirSigrún JúlíusdóttirProfessor Emerita5254505sigjul [at]
Picture of Sigurveig H SigurðardóttirSigurveig H SigurðardóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255222sighsig [at]
Picture of Steinunn HrafnsdóttirSteinunn HrafnsdóttirProfessor5255266steinhra [at]
Default image of a personSteinunn Kristín JónsdóttirAdjunct Lecturerskj [at]
Picture of Unnur Valgerður IngólfsdóttirUnnur Valgerður IngólfsdóttirAdjunct Lectureruvi [at]
Default image of a personVilborg Kristín OddsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher) [at]
Picture of Vilmar PéturssonVilmar PéturssonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)5255206vilmarp [at]
Picture of Þór Garðar ÞórarinssonÞór Garðar ÞórarinssonAdjunct Lecturertgt [at]
Default image of a personÞóra KempSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)thorakemp [at]

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