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PhD Studies

The doctoral programme in Law is a three-year research based programme of postgraduate study at the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland. The programme requires 180 ECTS for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (Ph.D.) (third cycle, level 5). The research project shall amount to 150 ECTS. The doctoral programme is governed by specific rules (Rules on doctoral studies and the committee for research based studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Iceland and policies and procedures for the assessment of the contribution of doctoral students). Each student must have a thesis advisor among the tenured professors at the faculty.



Doctoral students at the Faculty of Law are encouraged to take part in doctoral courses at Dansk Juridisk Forskeruddannelsesprogram, Jurforsk or Jurforsk Nordic. They can also attend courses at the Faculty of Law at The University of Uppsala and through the  NELN network.

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