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Academic counselling

Career and guidance counsellors UISCC provide information on available academic programmes and assist individuals during their choice process. This applies to both registered students and others who are looking for an appropriate study programme. 

Advice on academic choices takes place in a personal interview where the counsellor seeks to identify the interests, skills and values of each individual. You can book an appointment here.

Helpful tips and strategies to improve your study skills

Effective reading is essential in university studies. Being an effective reader means using different study and working methods. UISCC has developed a three-step working process which has proven successful with students:

Exam preparation

Examination periods are often considered a stressful time. Better study habits and effective study skills can reduce the strain connected to academic work and the exam periods and prevent stress and test anxiety.  Exam preparation can be divided into two parts: firstly, covering the reading material and using effective study skills and secondly personal preparation.