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Electronic surveillance

Security cameras are an important link in the security system of the University of Iceland. Experience shows that security cameras have a significant deterrent effect and can be invaluable in reporting theft and vandalism. They are part of the effort to protect the property of the University of Iceland, its employees and students and to improve security on the university campus in general.

The monitoring is carried out on the basis of the legitimate interests of the University of Iceland in relation to property protection and campus security.

When using security cameras, regulation no. 50/2023 on electronic monitoring applies (Icelandic only). No data is collected about individuals and no data is stored for longer than thirty days unless there is a special reason for doing so.

On the Data Protection Authority's webite, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about security cameras and the rules that apply to them. (Icelandic only).

There are security cameras at the entrances of all university buildings and in many areas outside. The picture below shows UI's security area, the area within the university's grounds where passers-by can expect to be in the field of view of security cameras, but it cannot be said that the area is fully guarded.

More information about the rights of individuals in relation to monitoring with security cameras can be obtained from the head of the property management department, Björn Auðunn Magnússyn ( and the privacy representative of the University of Iceland, Magnús Jökull Sigurjónsson (

Map of University of Iceland campus, where passers-by can expect to be in the field of view of security cameras.

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