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Administration and Staff

Picture of Agnar Freyr HelgasonAgnar Freyr HelgasonLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5255474afh [at]
Picture of Auðunn ArnórssonAuðunn ArnórssonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)aua13 [at]
Picture of Árný Lára SigurðardóttirÁrný Lára SigurðardóttirAssistantals32 [at]
Default image of a personÁsthildur Elva BernharðsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)aeb [at]
Picture of Baldur ÞórhallssonBaldur ÞórhallssonProfessor5255244baldurt [at]
Picture of Birgir HermannssonBirgir HermannssonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)birgirh [at]
Picture of Eva BjarnadóttirEva BjarnadóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)evab [at]
Picture of Eva Heiða ÖnnudóttirEva Heiða ÖnnudóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254249eho [at]
Picture of Eva Marín HlynsdóttirEva Marín HlynsdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255463evamarin [at]
Picture of Finnborg Salome SteinþórsdóttirFinnborg Salome SteinþórsdóttirPost Docfinnborg [at]
Picture of Friðrik Þór GuðmundssonFriðrik Þór GuðmundssonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)8646365fridgud [at]
Picture of Gestur Páll ReynissonGestur Páll ReynissonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)5255454gpr1 [at]
Picture of Gunnar Helgi KristinssonGunnar Helgi KristinssonProfessor5254521ghk [at]
Default image of a personGunnar Ingi JóhannssonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)gij [at]
Picture of Gunnar SigvaldasonGunnar SigvaldasonDoctoral Graduate Studentgos1 [at]
Picture of Gyða Margrét PétursdóttirGyða Margrét PétursdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255455gydap [at]
Picture of Hannes Hólmsteinn GissurarsonHannes Hólmsteinn GissurarsonProfessor5254526hannesgi [at]
Picture of Hulda ÞórisdóttirHulda ÞórisdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255474huldat [at]
Default image of a personJack David MowbraySessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)jdm5 [at]
Default image of a personKolbrún Hrund SigurgeirsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)khs19 [at]
Picture of Kolbrún ÞorfinnsdóttirKolbrún ÞorfinnsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)kolbrunt [at]
Picture of Kristín Arna BjörgvinsdóttirKristín Arna BjörgvinsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)kristinab [at]
Picture of Kristján Guy BurgessKristján Guy BurgessSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)kgb [at]
Picture of Laufey AxelsdóttirLaufey AxelsdóttirPost Doclaa [at]
Picture of Margrét Sigrún BjörnsdóttirMargrét Sigrún BjörnsdóttirProject Manager5254254msb [at]
Picture of Maximilian ConradMaximilian ConradProfessor5255451mc [at]
Picture of Ólafur Þórður HarðarsonÓlafur Þórður HarðarsonProfessor5254514othh [at]
Picture of Ómar Hlynur KristmundssonÓmar Hlynur KristmundssonProfessoromarhk [at]
Default image of a personPage Louise WilsonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255209plw [at]
Picture of Pétur GunnarssonPétur GunnarssonSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher)peg [at]
Default image of a personRagnar KarlssonProject Manager5254519ragnark [at]
Picture of Sigurbjörg SigurgeirsdóttirSigurbjörg SigurgeirsdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255447silla [at]
Picture of Silja Bára ÓmarsdóttirSilja Bára ÓmarsdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255824sbo [at]
Picture of Stefanía ÓskarsdóttirStefanía ÓskarsdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255246stefosk [at]
Picture of Valgerður Anna JóhannsdóttirValgerður Anna JóhannsdóttirLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5254229vaj [at]
Picture of Þorgerður J. EinarsdóttirÞorgerður J. EinarsdóttirProfessor5254177the [at]

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