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Administration and Staff

Administration and Staff - Available at University of Iceland

Picture of Agnar Freyr HelgasonAgnar Freyr HelgasonAssociate Professorafh [at]
Picture of Baldur ÞórhallssonBaldur ÞórhallssonProfessor5255244baldurt [at]
Default image of a personBrynhildur BjörnsdóttirProject Managerbrynbj [at]
Picture of Dylan Andres Herrera ChaconDylan Andres Herrera ChaconDoctoral Graduate Studentdah52 [at]
Picture of Elva EllertsdóttirElva EllertsdóttirEducation Manager5254573elva [at]
Picture of Eva Heiða ÖnnudóttirEva Heiða ÖnnudóttirProfessor5254249eho [at]
Picture of Eva Marín HlynsdóttirEva Marín HlynsdóttirProfessor5255463evamarin [at]
Picture of Finnborg Salome SteinþórsdóttirFinnborg Salome SteinþórsdóttirPostdocfinnborg [at]
Picture of Guðbjörg Ríkey Th. HauksdóttirGuðbjörg Ríkey Th. HauksdóttirDoctoral Graduate Student5255846grikey [at]
Picture of Gunnar Helgi KristinssonGunnar Helgi KristinssonProfessor5254521ghk [at]
Picture of Gunnar SigvaldasonGunnar SigvaldasonDoctoral Graduate Studentgos1 [at]
Picture of Gyða Margrét PétursdóttirGyða Margrét PétursdóttirProfessor5255455gydap [at]
Picture of Hafsteinn Birgir EinarssonHafsteinn Birgir EinarssonPostdoc5255437hbe [at]
Picture of Heiða Ragney ViðarsdóttirHeiða Ragney ViðarsdóttirResearcherhrv15 [at]
Default image of a personHulda B. Kjærnested Baldursd.Researcherhbkb [at]
Picture of Hulda ÞórisdóttirHulda ÞórisdóttirAssociate Professor5255474huldat [at]
Default image of a personJonathan William WoodDoctoral Graduate Studentjww3 [at]
Picture of Jón Gunnar ÓlafssonJón Gunnar ÓlafssonPostdocjgo [at]
Picture of Laufey AxelsdóttirLaufey AxelsdóttirPostdoclaa [at]
Picture of Luke FieldLuke FieldPostdocluke [at]
Picture of Margaret Anne JohnsonMargaret Anne JohnsonDoctoral Graduate Studentmaj32 [at]
Picture of Maximilian ConradMaximilian ConradProfessor5255451mc [at]
Picture of Ómar Hlynur KristmundssonÓmar Hlynur KristmundssonProfessoromarhk [at]
Default image of a personPage Louise WilsonAssociate Professor5255209plw [at]
Default image of a personRagnar KarlssonProject Manager5254519ragnark [at]
Picture of Sigurbjörg SigurgeirsdóttirSigurbjörg SigurgeirsdóttirProfessor5255447silla [at]
Picture of Silja Bára R. ÓmarsdóttirSilja Bára R. ÓmarsdóttirProfessor5255824sbo [at]
Picture of Stefanía ÓskarsdóttirStefanía ÓskarsdóttirAssociate Professor5255246stefosk [at]
Picture of Svanhildur ÞorvaldsdóttirSvanhildur ÞorvaldsdóttirAssistant Professorsthorvalds [at]
Picture of Sveina Hjördís ÞorvaldsdóttirSveina Hjördís ÞorvaldsdóttirResearchershth [at]
Default image of a personThomas A. J. S. De Mello VidalResearchertsv [at]
Picture of Valgerður Anna JóhannsdóttirValgerður Anna JóhannsdóttirAssistant Professor5254229vaj [at]
Picture of Vittorio OrlandoVittorio OrlandoDoctoral Graduate Studentvio14 [at]
Picture of Þorgerður J. EinarsdóttirÞorgerður J. EinarsdóttirProfessor5254177the [at]