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Open Access Policy

Discussed at the 10th University Forum, 19 April 2013, and approved by the University Council 6 February 2014.

The University of Iceland considers it important that as many people as possible can benefit from the results of the research work conducted within the university. The University therefore encourages staff to publish articles in open access outlets, such as open access journals, archives, preprint databases, etc. The University of Iceland open access policy does not apply to books or book chapters.

Staff must provide the Division of Science and Innovation free of charge with electronic access to the final version of their articles no later than by their date of publication. They may do so by submitting the articles in an appropriate format (such as PDF), sending a link to an open access website or in another suitable manner. The University of Iceland is authorised to save articles and make them accessible in an open online archive. This applies to all scientific articles authored by University staff, alone or with co-authors, during their period of employment at the University.

Scientific articles completed and articles for which work had already commenced before this resolution entered into force are exempt if conditions apply to them which do not conform to this resolution.

The Division of Science and Innovation is furthermore authorised to exempt individual articles from this resolution, or to delay their publication for a set period, should the member of staff in question submit a reasoned request in writing to this effect, cf. the relevant rules of procedure.

Research work within the University of Iceland also bears fruit in the form of students’ final projects, as part of both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The University considers it important that these projects be accessible to all as far as possible. A resolution from the University Council from 21 February 2008 and the relevant provisions in the Regulation for the University of Iceland apply to the electronic submission of final projects.

The Division of Science and Innovation is responsible for the interpretation of policy and rules of procedure on open access publishing and resolution of disputes. They will propose revisions when appropriate. The Division of Academic Affairs is responsible for the interpretation and resolution of disputes in cases of students’ final projects.

This policy and the accompanying rules of procedure shall be reviewed within three years and the statement on implementation presented to the University Council.