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Accommodation Options

The rental market in the Reykjavik area has been quite limited for the past years but is picking up as supply of new apartments has risen. Due to the economic crash in Iceland 2008, Reykjavik dealt with shortage of available housing caused by a long term pause in housing construction. The tourism boom in Iceland added also to this systematic problem as many of available apartments were rented out on Airbnb instead of being available for long term renting. Be aware that even though supply has risen many landlords are only willing to rent out their properties short term, over the winter, as they post them on Airbnb over the summer.

We strongly advise you to secure housing prior to your arrival.

The University of Iceland owns a limited number of guest apartments that can be rented out for its staff temporarily, six weeks max. Due to high demand for the apartments, these cannot be guaranteed. Most staff members from abroad rent apartments through private entities.

Occasionally private renters contact the University with info on available housing, which are shared with those who are seeking accommodation. The University does not guarantee accommodation and is not in any way responsible for employees accommodation.