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Materials Science & Engineering Centre (MSE-Lab)

Materials Science & Engineering Centre (MSE-Lab) - Available at University of Iceland

The materials science centre is a core research centre housing instrumentation for advanced materials science and engineering analysis and fabrication. The centre is a collaboration between the University of Iceland, the UI Science Institute, Reykjavik University and IceTec.

The centre coordinates the running and access to advanced research and development infrastructure in Iceland for both academic and industrial research. The centre enables fabrication of materials ranging from additive manufacturing down to microfabrication and detailed material analysis from large scale properties such as hardness and chemical composition down to atomic structure.

The research infrastructure of the centre is distributed between the three collaborating institutes, the University of Iceland, Reykjavik University and IceTec.

The centre was founded in 2020 to combine and strengthen the research capabilities of the three founding institutes on materials science, materials engineering and within high-tech
industries. A large part of the infrastructure of the centre was funded by the Icelandic Infrastructure Fund through the Roadmap for Research Infrastructure.

Further information on each infrastructure can be obtained by contacting the board or infrastructure contact person.

Videos about the roadmap in materials science and materials engineering:


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