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Materials Science & Engineering Centre (MSE-Lab)

Materials Science & Engineering Centre (MSE-Lab) - Available at University of Iceland

The objective of this project is to build up the necessary infrastructure to strengthen this capability and create new possibilities for research and development within materials science and materials engineering in Iceland. 

The proposed infrastructure will facilitate synergy between fields, and through that new possibilities, research directions and development in numerous fields including materials science, nanotechnology, solid state physics, advanced manufacturing, large-scale production and biomedical technology, and will bring research and development capabilities in Iceland up to high international standards.

Fundamental to research and development of new materials is the capability for high-level fabrication, detailed characterisation and real-world testing.

Proposers of the project

Contact: Unnar Bjarni Arnalds, Professor

Estimated total cost of the project is 800 million ISK in the period of 2021 to 2026.



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