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Division of Operations and Resources

The Division of Operations and Resources oversees matters relating to the planning of sites and buildings as well as operations on them.

The Division is headed by Guðmundur R. Jónsson, tel: +354 525 5202
Office Manager is Sigurlaug I. Lövdahl, tel: +354 525 4922

The following administrative units pertain to the Division of Operations and Resources:

Buildings and Facilities

The unit attends to all construction and overall campus matters and is responsible for:

  • All new building projects.
  • Reconstruction projects.
  • Overall maintenance of the 30 buildings belonging to the University of Iceland.
  • Campus grounds in general.
  • Purchase and distribution of furniture and other facilities.

Facilities Management

The unit attends to all general operations of University of Iceland buildings and is responsibilities for:

  • Overall supervision.
  • Supervision and cleaning of facilities.
  • Tenancy agreements.
  • Security and insurance.
  • Electricity and heating.
  • Classroom bookings.

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