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Rules on event registration

Every day numerous events are organised at the University of Iceland open to the general public. These include seminars, lectures and conferences. The events of each day are published on the front pages of Ugla,, and Upcoming and past events can also be viewed.  University staff enter their events themselves into the event calendar in Ugla.  All events are entered in Ugla; also those published on and  

Parties outside the University of Iceland can ask to have an event registered by sending information to with the subject "Event registration“. Staff at the Division of Marketing and Public Relations review the request and approve it in accordance with event regulations, listed below. Following the approval of the Division of Marketing and Public Relations the event will be published in the event calendar on the front page of the University of Iceland websites.

The main requirement for an event to be published on the University of Iceland website is that it is affiliated with the University of Iceland:

  • A public event in the University of Iceland's name
  • An event organised by University staff
  • An event where University staff participates; for example gives a talk, chairs, or participates in a panel.
  • An event open to all University students and staff and the general public.
  • A guest speaker under the auspices of a University faculty or institution.
  • In some cases when the event is held on campus.

The regulations above are general and the webmaster and editors make the decision on publication in individual cases.

The official language for is Icelandic and English for

It is important that the event registration includes:

  1. Event name
  2. Time
  3. Location on campus.
  4. A concise and clear event description.
  5. Information on event contact, e.g. an individual, a website, or an institute.
  6. The general rule is that events on be in Icelandic, however, a description in English is allowed provided that:
    1. The title is in Icelandic.
    2. That there is a short abstract in Icelandic (minimum one sentence) at the top of the body of the text.
  7. On all event text is in English.

Information on events should preferably be put on the website at least three days prior to the evnt.

All further information is given by the web department;