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Students' Employment Agency

The Careers Connection  is the University of Iceland´s professional job database connecting students and the university to the employment market and public sector.
It is a simple tool with great impact, a website that is dedicated to the transfer of the University of Iceland students to the work market, which comprises mutual gain for the students and the employment market.

Careers Connection lists employment openings (full time or summer job vacancies) available domestically and internationally along with internship and volunteer opportunities for the  University of Iceland students.  The listings mirror professional opportunities that call for a university degree and/or enhance students´ career development.  Employers access to the Careers Connection and listing of employment opportunities is free of charge.  

The Careers Connection is a great opportunity to get into contact with future employees, i.e. the University of Iceland students,  that have a vast array of knowledge and skills, ready to take on challenges of an ever-evolving work market.