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Administration and Staff

Default image of a personAgnar Sturla HelgasonProfessor5701900agnarh [at]
Picture of Arnar Eggert ThoroddsenArnar Eggert ThoroddsenAdjunct Lectureraet [at]
Picture of Ágústa PálsdóttirÁgústa PálsdóttirProfessor5254507agustap [at]
Picture of Brynhildur Lilja BjörnsdóttirBrynhildur Lilja BjörnsdóttirAdministrative Officer5254268bryn [at]
Picture of Elsa Ósk AlfreðsdóttirElsa Ósk AlfreðsdóttirAdjunct Lecturereoa [at]
Picture of Geir GunnlaugssonGeir GunnlaugssonProfessor3545254369geirgunnlaugsson [at]
Picture of Gísli PálssonGísli PálssonProfessor5254253gpals [at]
Picture of Guðbjörg Linda RafnsdóttirGuðbjörg Linda RafnsdóttirProfessor5254237glr [at]
Picture of Guðbjörg T. VilhjálmsdóttirGuðbjörg T. VilhjálmsdóttirProfessor5254518gudvil [at]
Picture of Guðrún Dröfn WhiteheadGuðrún Dröfn WhiteheadLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5254283gdw [at]
Picture of Hanna Björg SigurjónsdóttirHanna Björg SigurjónsdóttirProfessor5254344hbs [at]
Picture of Helga Þórey BjörnsdóttirHelga Þórey BjörnsdóttirAdjunct Lecturer6621803helgabj [at]
Picture of Helga ÖgmundardóttirHelga ÖgmundardóttirLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5255211helgaog [at]
Picture of Helgi GunnlaugssonHelgi GunnlaugssonProfessor5254504helgigun [at]
Default image of a personHildur Guðrún EyþórsdóttirSessional Teacher (Non tenured Teacher) [at]
Picture of Ingólfur Vilhjálmur GíslasonIngólfur Vilhjálmur GíslasonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254282ivg [at]
Picture of James Gordon RiceJames Gordon RiceLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5255456james [at]
Picture of Jóhanna GunnlaugsdóttirJóhanna GunnlaugsdóttirProfessor5254201jg [at]
Picture of Jón Gunnar BernburgJón Gunnar BernburgProfessor5254395bernburg [at]
Picture of Jónína EinarsdóttirJónína EinarsdóttirProfessor5254508je [at]
Picture of Katla KjartansdóttirKatla KjartansdóttirDoctoral Graduate Studentkatlak [at]
Picture of Kjartan Páll SveinssonKjartan Páll SveinssonProject Managerkps [at]
Picture of Kristinn Helgi Magnússon SchramKristinn Helgi Magnússon SchramSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254256khschram [at]
Picture of Kristín LoftsdóttirKristín LoftsdóttirProfessor5254261kristinl [at]
Picture of Kristjana Stella BlöndalKristjana Stella BlöndalSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254173kb [at]
Picture of Kristján Þór SigurðssonKristján Þór SigurðssonAdjunct Lecturer8654839kths [at]
Default image of a personMargrét EinarsdóttirPost Docmargrei [at]
Picture of Margrét ValdimarsdóttirMargrét ValdimarsdóttirAdjunct Lecturer5254167margretva [at]
Default image of a personMaya StaubDoctoral Graduate Studentmas32 [at]
Picture of Ólafur RastrickÓlafur RastrickSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254485rastrick [at]
Picture of Ragna Kemp HaraldsdóttirRagna Kemp HaraldsdóttirAdjunct Lecturer5255253rh [at]
Picture of Rannveig TraustadóttirRannveig TraustadóttirProfessor5254523rannvt [at]
Picture of Sif EinarsdóttirSif EinarsdóttirProfessor5254563sif [at]
Picture of Sigríður Dúna KristmundsdóttirSigríður Dúna KristmundsdóttirProfessor5523604sduna [at]
Picture of Sigrún ÓlafsdóttirSigrún ÓlafsdóttirProfessor5254698sigruno [at]
Picture of Sigurjón B HafsteinssonSigurjón B HafsteinssonProfessor5255496sbh [at]
Picture of Snæfríður Þóra EgilsonSnæfríður Þóra EgilsonProfessor5254264sne [at]
Picture of Soffía ValdimarsdóttirSoffía ValdimarsdóttirAdjunct Lecturer8463409soffiav [at]
Picture of Stefan Celine HardonkStefan Celine HardonkLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5255317hardonk [at]
Picture of Stefán Hrafn JónssonStefán Hrafn JónssonProfessor5254093shj [at]
Picture of Stefán ÓlafssonStefán ÓlafssonProfessor5254520olafsson [at]
Picture of Sveinn EggertssonSveinn EggertssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254592sveinne [at]
Picture of Terry Adrian GunnellTerry Adrian GunnellProfessor5254549terry [at]
Picture of Thamar Melanie HeijstraThamar Melanie HeijstraSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254371thamar [at]
Picture of Unnur Dís SkaptadóttirUnnur Dís SkaptadóttirProfessor5254516unnurd [at]
Picture of Valdimar Tryggvi HafsteinValdimar Tryggvi HafsteinProfessor5254198vth [at]
Picture of Viðar HalldórssonViðar HalldórssonProfessor5254077vidarh [at]
Picture of Þorbjörn BroddasonÞorbjörn BroddasonProfessor Emeritus5254509tbrodd [at]
Picture of Þorvaldur GröndalÞorvaldur GröndalAssistantthg105 [at]
Picture of Þórólfur ÞórlindssonÞórólfur ÞórlindssonProfessor Emeritus5254519thorotho [at]

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