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In order to receive accommodation in examinations/studies, a student must sign a special agreement. Once the student has gathered the required documents (diagnosis / medical certificate), they can contact us at the Student Counselling Centre (UISCC) to finalise the agreement. The final deadline to apply for accommodation is 1 October for the autumn semester and 1 March for the spring semester.

Please note that accommodation for examinations will not be put in place until a counsellor and the student have finalised a written agreement, which takes at least three days to enter into effect.
When you arrive at an exam, if anything is not as stipulated in your agreement, please let the invigilator know right away. After the examination has ended, it can be difficult to resolve these issues. 

See here for further information about diagnoses, medical certificates and the accommodation available.

Please note that examinations in Canvas are always managed by teaching staff. Students are responsible for informing teaching staff if they require extra time in examinations.

How do I know whether an examination is managed by teaching staff or the Examination Office?

Extra time in examinations