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Ukraine - Information portal 

The University of Iceland strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and expresses solidarity with university students and staff of Ukrainian universities, as well as the entire nation.

Here we will be sharing useful information for our students and staff about how the Russian invasion of Ukraine affects education and research at the University of Iceland.

We are closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine and will update the information if the situation changes. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the International Division at ask[at]

Students from Ukraine 

Regarding students from Ukraine who need to flee the country and request to continue their studies here, UI will in accordance with the Icelandic government's policy on higher education, be flexible regarding access by university students from Ukraine to the university and give them the opportunity to complete their studies. 

University students are welcome to send inquiries to should they require further information.

Ukrainian Academic Staff

The University of Iceland will make every effort to provide refuge and provisional work opportunities for academic staff who have had to flee Ukraine. The exact arrangement will need to be adapted based on the development of the situation in Ukraine.

Staff can contact the Division of Human Resources at