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is a project at the Division of Academic Affairs at the University of Iceland. 

Sprettur supports and prepares students with an immigrant background for university studies.

The goal of Sprettur is to create equal opportunities in education. 

What is Sprettur?

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For whom? 

Sprettur is designed for students with immigrant backgrounds who come from non-academic families. 

You can participate in Sprettur if:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have finished at least one year in secondary school.
  • You are registered in full-time studies at a secondary school.
  • You want to finish secondary school and proceed to university.
  • Your parents and their parents were born abroad, whether you were also born abroad or not.
  • Few or no one in your family has a university degree.

What do Sprettur participants do? 

Participants learn more about themselves, their communities, and higher education. We do this by offering participants:

  • workshops
  • study groups
  • cultural events
  • mentoring

Students take part in Sprettur for four years and attend various get-togethers three times a month. There is compulsory attendance.

    What is in it for me?

    • Social and educational support
    • Financial support
    • A mentor
    • Personal development
    • Empowerment

    How do I participate?

    Turn in an online application form and a letter of recommendation.

    See further instructions here.

    Please contact

    Project manager offers presentations on Sprettur, tailored to your needs.  The presentations are offered to individuals, families, groups of students or staff.  

    The presentations can be electronic or located at upper secondary schools, institutions, or the University of Iceland.

    Juan Camilo Roman Estrada
    Project manager of Sprettur
    Phone: +354 525 5405

    Sabrina Rosazza
    Employee of Sprettur
    Phone: +354-525-5417