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Two PhD positions in Electrical- and Computer Engineering

Applications are invited for two full-time PhD student positions in Electrical- and Computer Engineering. Both projects are in the field of medical image analysis. Both positions are fully funded by The Icelandic Research Fund (RANNIS) for three years and involve collaborations between the University of Iceland and extended international research teams of engineers and clinicians.

PhD position in Active Tectonics and Earthquake Geology at the University of Iceland

Do you want to do your PhD in Geology and research an exciting Plate boundary in the North Atlantic? We invite applications for PhD student position under the supervision of Associate Professor Gregory De Pascale. This project is a part of the Faculty of Earth Science and the Institute of Earth Sciences based in Reykjavik. The position is funded by the HI Doctoral Scholarship/Grant.

PhD position at the Faculty of Life- and Environmental Sciences

A full time PhD student position within the Faculty of Life- and Environmental Sciences at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the University of Iceland is open for applications. A challenging and creative project in a mixed academic and private environment. The position and research costs are funded by Benchmark Genetics Iceland for three years.

PhD student position in Physics

The Faculty of Physical Sciences seeks applicants for a PhD student position within the field of theoretical nanomagnetism and magnetic metamaterials. The position is funded for four years by the Icelandic Research Fund and the Faculty of Technology of Linnaeus University.

PhD position in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences

A PhD position is open for applications for a Ph.D. positions at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland, funded by the University of Iceland` PhD Fund, under the supervision of Professor Sveinbjörn Gizurarson. The appointment is based on a grant awarded for up to three years. The grant amount is fixed and can thus affect both the employment rate and the employment period. Further information and implementation will be discussed in the recruitment process. The research group currently consists of 3 full-time faculty members from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and one from the Department of Chemistry, University of Iceland, in collaboration with Medicines for Malaria Ventures (Geneva, Switzerland), End Malaria (Rwanda), Rephaiah (Malawi) and Malawi University of Science and Technology. Also, a research team from Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, will participate in this project.