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Picture of Andri Steinþór BjörnssonAndri Steinþór BjörnssonProfessor5255177asb [at]
Picture of Arna Björk JónsdóttirArna Björk JónsdóttirProject Manager5255813abj [at]
Picture of Árni KristjánssonÁrni KristjánssonProfessor5255198ak [at]
Picture of Bahareh JozranjbarBahareh JozranjbarDoctoral Graduate Studentbaj18 [at]
Picture of Daníel Þór ÓlasonDaníel Þór ÓlasonProfessor5255265dto [at]
Picture of Einar GuðmundssonEinar GuðmundssonProfessor5254159eing [at]
Picture of Erlendur HaraldssonErlendur HaraldssonProfessor Emeritus8630034erlendur [at]
Picture of Fanney ÞórsdóttirFanney ÞórsdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255956fanneyt [at]
Picture of Freyja BirgisdóttirFreyja BirgisdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255354freybi [at]
Picture of Guðmundur Ágúst SkarphéðinssonGuðmundur Ágúst SkarphéðinssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5255573gskarp [at]
Default image of a personGuðmundur Bjarni ArnkelssonProfessor5254543gudmuarn [at]
Picture of Gunnar Hrafn BirgissonGunnar Hrafn BirgissonPsychologist5254582gunnarhb [at]
Default image of a personHarpa ÓskarsdóttirDoctoral Graduate Studenthao2 [at]
Picture of Heiða María SigurðardóttirHeiða María SigurðardóttirLecturer (UK) - Assistant Professor (USA)5255428heidasi [at]
Picture of Ingiríður ÞórisdóttirIngiríður ÞórisdóttirAdministrative Officer5255269ingirid [at]
Picture of Íris Björk ÁsbjarnardóttirÍris Björk ÁsbjarnardóttirProject Manager5254240irisba [at]
Picture of Jerome Jean Nicolas TaguJerome Jean Nicolas TaguPost Doctagu [at]
Picture of Jóhann Pálmar HarðarsonJóhann Pálmar HarðarsonDoctoral Graduate Studentjph6 [at]
Picture of Jörgen Leonhard PindJörgen Leonhard PindProfessor5254086jorgen [at]
Picture of Kristjana ÞórarinsdóttirKristjana ÞórarinsdóttirDoctoral Graduate Studentkth35 [at]
Picture of Kristján Helgi HjartarsonKristján Helgi HjartarsonDoctoral Graduate Studentkhh17 [at]
Picture of Mohsen RafieiMohsen RafieiDoctoral Graduate Studentmor4 [at]
Picture of Ragna Benedikta GarðarsdóttirRagna Benedikta GarðarsdóttirSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254178rbg [at]
Picture of Ragnar Pétur ÓlafssonRagnar Pétur ÓlafssonSenior Lecturer (UK) - Associate Professor (USA)5254502ragnarpo [at]
Picture of Sigurður J GrétarssonSigurður J GrétarssonProfessor5254547sjg [at]
Picture of Sigurgrímur SkúlasonSigurgrímur SkúlasonAdjunct Lecturersigsk [at]
Default image of a personTómas KristjánssonPost Doctok1 [at]
Picture of Urður NjarðvíkUrður NjarðvíkProfessor5255957urdurn [at]
Picture of Vaka VésteinsdóttirVaka VésteinsdóttirAdjunct Lecturervakave [at]
Picture of Vigdís Vala ValgeirsdóttirVigdís Vala ValgeirsdóttirDoctoral Graduate Studentvvv1 [at]
Picture of Zuilma Gabríela SigurðardóttirZuilma Gabríela SigurðardóttirProfessor5254542zuilma [at]

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