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MIS Courses

The Medieval Icelandic Studies curriculum consists of four required core courses, a total of 40 ECTS credit hours, that lay the groundwork for further academic work in the field. In addition, students can choose from several elective courses amounting to (at least) 20 ECTS credit hours. Three of the four core courses are to be completed in the autumn semester; the one remaining course in the following spring semester. 

The required courses cover three key areas: (1) the Old Norse-Icelandic language, (2) the Old Norse-Icelandic literary corpus, and (3) Icelandic and Scandinavian medieval history. The core courses are:

More detailed information can be obtained in the University of Iceland Online Course Catalogue.

The master’s thesis

The student shows in his master’s thesis that he/she can perform quality research in an independent manner on an academically important subject. The student has developed the ability to work independently and is prepared to write research papers on subjects in the area of medieval studies, on his own or with others.

A master’s thesis submitted to the University of Iceland should be approximately 50 pages, 20,000 words (ca. 400 words per page), inclusive of text, but exclusive of references, endnotes, appendices, and bibliography.

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