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Icelandic as a second language

Icelandic as a second language - Available at University of Iceland

Studies in Icelandic as a second language are an excellent choice for students who want to improve their practical and/or academic skills in Icelandic.

Two separate programmes are offered: the BA programme, which comprises both practical courses in Icelandic and the academic study of Icelandic language, literature and history, and the Practical Diploma programme, which is primarily directed at people whose main goal is to improve their language skills as a preparation for further Icelandic studies or to develop their career choices in Icelandic society.

Additionally, the department offers Basic Icelandic I and II and the introductory course Icelandic Culture. Both these courses are specifically designed for exchange students and students from other departments within the University of Iceland. Applications are only accepted once a year, for the fall semester.

Many of our graduates have continued their studies in Icelandic and other related subjects in Iceland or elsewhere. Students who graduate with a BA degree in Icelandic as a second language should have acquired the basic knowledge and the theoretical skills to continue academic studies in Icelandic. They should have also developed their critical thinking and improved their general ability to work independently, within as well as outside of academia.

A sound academic knowledge of Icelandic is an optimal base for further study and research in various areas of linguistics and literature. A considerable part of our students are people who have made their home here and enrich Icelandic society in various ways. Improved linguistic skills and cultural literacy increase people´s opportunities to integrate and attain their goals in Icelandic society.