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International Studies in Education - BA


International Studies in Education

180 ECTS - BA degree

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In response to the development of a multi-cultural society in Iceland and globalisation, we offer an undergraduate and a graduate programme in international education studies. The programme provides an exciting opportunity for students whose interests lie in education with an international scope. The programmes are taught in English.

Exciting opportunity 

International Studies in Education is a comprehensive interdisciplinary undergraduate pro­gramme that focuses on education in the context of globalisation. Students take courses on the development of multicultural societies, sustainable development and education in a global context.

Course catalogue: 
180 credits BA programme
120 credits major
60 credits minor


Language proficiency and admission

As all teaching is in English, students must be able to communicate and hand in written assignments in English. The entry requirement for non-native speakers of English is a TOEFL score of 79 or an IELTS score of 6.5.

Some exemptions apply. See further information here.

The programme accepts applications every other year.

Admission requirements

Undergraduate studies

Matriculation examination or the equivalent. Entry requirement for non-native speakers of English is a TOEFL score of 79 or IELTS score of 6.5. Some exemptions apply, see further at:

See what it is all about

Students' comments

Emmanuel Mawuli Adom
International studies in Education, BA

Possessing the required skills to adapt the world's educational system towards critical thinking and problem-solving has always been my dream. That is why I didn't hesitate and haven't regretted applying for this study program. This program has proved it's worth by blending conventional teaching methods with innovative teaching strategies. This surprisingly erases the thought of grades in my mind and now I only have interest in the lessons I'm learning. This program has given me a reason to always examine subjects from different perspectives in life and to be open-minded. The words from my teachers are always encouraging and this makes me want to do more.

Julia Kozakova
International studies in Education, BA

The ISEP program taught me much more than I expected - it’s not only about what we are learning, but how we are learning. The program goes beyond teaching educational theories - it’s a lot about how we learn and think about the topics, critically and with an open mind. What we learn about teaching and education is already directly applied in the ways the program and teaching is structured.

Zitha Ngulube
International studies in Education, BA

This is a perfect program for those who are already in the field of education or intend to join the field. ISEP enhances your academic skills and builds on your confidence in presenting your opinions and ideas. You reflect on your previous education experience in a way that you use it to improve and build on your present experience and knowledge. But, most importantly, it incorporates other field of study due to its wide selection of courses. I would simply say it gives you the tools you need to become a better professional in whichever field you are in or intend to pursue.