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Research and Cooperation

The Environment and Natural Resources Programme participates extensively in research with domestic and international universities, research institutions, NGOs, as well as private corporations. The Programme has formal agreements with several organisations, through which research and internship opportunities are available to students, offering them an opportunity to acquire research experience with leading scientists and/or experts within industries.

The earth is undergoing environmental changes that are historically unique. Increased levels of greenhouse gases are changing the climate; depletion of harvestable fish species and desertification are threatening food security, and air and water pollution are affecting human and environmental health. Explaining the causes and consequences, reporting on the relevant issues or designing the appropriate counteractive and management methods are well beyond the abilities of a single discipline. At the University of Iceland, we foster interdisciplinary thinking and analysis in our search for solutions.

Final theses and alumni

Due to the interdisciplinary structure of the ENR Programme, students graduate from different Faculties.