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Environment and Natural Resources

Environment and Natural Resources

180 ECTS - Doctoral

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The doctoral programme in Environment and Natural Resources is primarily based on the doctoral candidate's independent research, culminating in the doctoral dissertation.


The doctoral programme is primarily based on the doctoral candidate's independent research, culminating in the dissertation. However, the Ph.D. committee may require the candidate to take courses in addition to the research. 180 ECTS credits are required for the Ph.D. dissertation. Credits for courses are added to the credits required for the dissertation.

Application and admission

Applicants need to have found an academic supervisor and have a research proposal including financial arrangements before applying, as funding for the programme must be ensured.  

Admission requirements

Graduate studies

MS or MA degree in Environment and Natural Resources from the University of Iceland with a minimum average grade of 7.25, or an equivalent degree from another University. All international applicants, whose native language is not English, are required to provide results of the TOEFL (85) or IELTS (6.5) tests as evidence of English proficiency.

Students' comments

Bjarnhéðinn Guðlaugsson
MS in Environment and Natural Resources, Faculty of Industrial & Mech. Eng. & Comp. Science 2018

If you are asking yourself questions like - How can we achieve sustainable living? Improved living standards in world? And why does it take such a long time to make decision when comes to environmental issues? Then I would say that Environmental and Natural Resources programme is the right choice and could help provide answer to those questions along with an education that is international, diverse and fun.

I chose this programme due to fact that I am highly interested in three areas, which are highly linked together and this programme takes on - i) environmental issues, ii) Development in alternative energy options and iii) the interconnection between the society, environment and economy.    

My experience from this programme has filled with fun and interesting and daring discussion with fellow students and teacher about topic related to my interest and other topics. I have also created friendships with people from all over the world, which has increased my multi-cultural understanding and knowledge.  

This programme gives its student the unique opportunity to kind of tailor-make their path through the studies, which a diversified selection of good, interesting and well-taught elective course for most departments of the University.  

Christopher Williams
MS in Environment and Natural Resources from the Faculty of Business Administration 2017

My journey through the ENR programme was exceptional. The programme gave a large range of freedom to explore and research what we felt most passionate about while also providing resources for real-world applications of our studies. The programme boasts a wide array of experts who are very accommodating and provide an engaging learning experience. I really felt confident in my studies and personally inspired to continue learning more.

Contact us

Nína María Saviolidis 
Programme Coordinator
Tel: +354 525 - 4647