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University of Iceland Web Policy

The University of Iceland Web Policy was formulated by the Division of Marketing and Public Relations and school webmasters at the University of Iceland, in close collaboration with the web steering committee, appointed by the rector.
University of Iceland, June 2020

1. University of Iceland Web Policy

The University of Iceland's public website is the most important channel used to share information about the University and its work.

The University of Iceland Web Policy applies to all communication on the public website. The public website is, and related domains, including the school, faculty and study programme webpages. The public University website should meet the needs of all aforementioned units (schools, faculties and study programmes) and they are strictly forbidden to manage independent websites beyond the scope of this Web Policy.

All personnel producing material for the University website or social media accounts must comply with the Web Policy. When creating and developing individual webpages, the Web Policy must be followed to the letter.

The cornerstones of the Web Policy are:

  • Trust and reliability
  • Service, professionalism and quality
  • Functionality/uptime and speed

The Web Policy also applies to any social media accounts that the University uses to share information.

University of Iceland webpages must always align with the spirit of the University's comprehensive strategy and comply with the law.


The goal of the University of Iceland's public website is to:

  • Provide reliable digital services.
  • Share information with all stakeholders on the diverse and important work taking place at the University of Iceland, e.g. in the fields of teaching, learning, knowledge transfer, public outreach, research and innovation.
  • Attract new students to the University and provide systematic support in selecting study programmes.
  • Ensure that users are able to quickly and easily find all information and services.
  • Increase awareness of the value of the University and demonstrate how its work has a broad societal impact and addresses contemporary challenges.
  • Ensure a uniform, simple and comprehensive user interface in all major devices and browsers.

Target groups

The target groups for the public University website are prospective, current and former University of Iceland students, the media, the government and the private sector, including partner institutions, the general public and University staff. Content is tailored to suit different target groups.


The development and design of the University of Iceland website must always be based on a detailed needs assessment that considers the needs of all stakeholders. The basic focuses of the public website are as follows:

  • Search engines
  • Study programmes
  • Services
  • Research, innovation and impact
  • Public outreach and collaboration with industry
  • Operations / events / news
  • Structure of the University

Appearance - Design and communication

University of Iceland webpages must be consistent with the University Brand Manual, with the design tailored to users' needs. The content management system in use must be capable of meeting these requirements.  

Content is presented using a variety of media on the University of Iceland website: accurate, simple and descriptive text, eye-catching images and a focus on video content.

Visual communication

All visual communication on the website shall be consistent with the Brand Manual and should aim to reflect the University community in the spirit of the University's strategic plan and values: student and job satisfaction, equality and diversity, innovation, and engagement with society and industry.

Visual content should reflect a wide range of teaching methods, human diversity, the importance of research and its impact on society. Visual content shall depict sites of real work/learning as far as possible.

All photographs used on the University of Iceland website are in colour.


The University of Iceland public website must have a consistent framework and formatting style, with a simple user interface in all the most popular devices and browsers. Webpages must be designed initially in consideration of the devices most commonly used by the largest target groups.

All content on University of Iceland webpages must take into account the needs of different groups as far as possible, such as blind people, people with visual impairments, people with dyslexia, people with limited mobility and other impairments. All work on the University website must meet accessibility standards for disabled people.

Social media

The University of Iceland uses social media for almost the same purposes as the public website, within the limitations that social media places on the sharing of information and services. Social media accounts are also used to communicate with all stakeholders. The University uses whichever social media platforms are currently most popular and tailor content to the largest target groups on each platform.

Response time and uptime

The University of Iceland public website should have extremely reliable functionality and optimal uptime. Response time must also be optimal.

Rules of procedure and term of validity

In connection with the Web Policy, there are rules of procedure and guidelines that provide further details on implementation as applicable. These can be found in the appendices and elsewhere.

The University of Iceland Web Policy has been approved by the University of Iceland webmasters, the web editor, the English language web editor, the director of the Division of Marketing and Public Relations, school webmasters and the web steering committee.

Anyone producing content for the University of Iceland websites should familiarise themselves with the Web Policy. The Web Policy will be reviewed annually on the initiative of the webmaster and the director of the Division of Marketing and Public Relations, in close cooperation with the web steering committee.