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Requirements for Traineeship Grants

There is no requirement for an institutional agreement between the University of Iceland and the host institute (company, university or institute). Traineeships must be related to the applicant's studies and will be evaluated as part of study at UI, either conferring credits or an entry in the diploma supplement. Those who pursue traineeships after graduation may receive a certificate supplement confirming the education (Europass).

Who can apply for a grant (list not exhaustive):

  • Students may apply for a grant to fund internships at a company or institute operating in a field relating to their studies. Minimum stay is 2 months and maximum stay is 12 months but for the short term mobility it is 5-30 days.
  • Students in research-based Master's programmes may apply for a grant to fund work on their final project at a research institute - More information
  • Doctoral students may apply for a grant to fund research work abroad - More information
  • Students in the health sciences may apply for a grant to fund clinical training at a healthcare institution     

Students may also apply for an Erasmus+ Disability Grant.