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Application for a Traineeship Grant

The application deadline is 1 April of each year. Applications submitted after the deadline will be accepted, but those who apply before 1 April will be given priority. Applications are submitted electronically. The relevant faculty must approve of the proposed traineeship, which is done by signing the Description of Traineeship form.

Students that plan to go on a traineeship have to register as students as they would normally do and pay the registration fee. Students going on a traineeship after graduation are exempt from this.

Application process and documentation

1.  The student makes the decision to go on a traineeship related to his/her field of study and how long the mobility will be.

2.  The student fills in an electronic application. 

Supporting documents are attached to the application.

Supporting documents that have to accompany the application:
•    Transcript of records from the service desk with ranking – maximum one month old.
•    Description of Traineeship signed by a representative from the faculty/department or a supervisor.

Students can apply for additional funding from the Erasmus+ programme
Grants due to illness or disability
Grants for students who have children
Grants for exceptionally high travel costs

By submitting an application students allow the International Division to use the data given in the application and supporting documents when the application is being processed. This data is kept indefinitely.

After a student receives a confirmation that he will receive a grant 

3.  The student obtains a conditional offer for a traineeship.
4. The student hands in a Learning agreement for traineeship. The agreement must be printed out and signed by a representative of the faculty/subject/supervisor, as well as the faculty international relations officer. A signature must also be obtained from the host institute. 
Please note that the learning agreement has to be handed in one month prior to departure.