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How to apply

How to apply - Available at University of Iceland

Before considering doctoral studies, applicants must have determined their field of interest. Applicants often find a research project and a supervisor after discussing with teachers, scientists or experts at the University of Iceland or other institutions. If the project in led by an expert outside of UI, a tutor within the university must be appointed. Master's study research projects sometimes also extend into doctoral projects. When scientists receive grants for specific research projects they often advertise for doctoral students' participation. 

When applying for our doctoral program you must have an agreement with a supervisor. You can search for a specialist at UI here.

The application process is as follows: 

The applicant submits an electronic application form. Please notify our office when an application has been submitted.

Supporting documents requested are:

  • A research proposal on this form application for PhD studies with research proposal The proposal must be well defined and signed off by the supervisor.
  • Applicant’s CV and degree certificates (information on accepted formats can be found here).
  • CV and publication list for the supervisor and members of the doctoral committee.
  • Copy of permissions (e.g. ethics), if relevant.

A preliminary assessment of the application is done at the Centre of Public Health Sciences and then forwarded, if the application meets all requirements, to the relevant faculty's/schools' doctoral committee for evaluation and approval. The review process of an application is between 2-4 weeks. If approved, the applicant is invited to an interview along with the prospective supervisor(s).

Our office will send details of the review process once a complete application has been submitted.