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Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences - Available at University of Iceland

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences is an effective research unit within the University of Iceland, where diverse research is carried out in the various fields of pharmaceutical sciences.Research is carried out in collaboration with numerous parties domestically and abroad, including universities, research institutes and companies. Lecturers in pharmaceutical sciences are members of Nordic and European teaching and research networks, ensuring important international relations, and allowing students to take part of their studies abroad.

All lecturers at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences are active research in their respective fields, and their participation in the international scientific and research community has grown considerably in recent years. In Iceland, lecturers at the faculty have hosted and organised international conferences, including those deal with the chemistry of cyklodextrins, clinical pharmaceutical research and mucus membrane-immunity studies, chemometrics and chemical engineering in pharmaceutical development.

With active research and teaching in pharmaceutical sciences, the faculty contributes to knowledge creation in Icelandic society in the fields of health and life sciences. Research training in the field of pharmaceutical sciences is not only useful for traditional pharmaceutical research, but also as part of a larger research community in the health sciences. With growing collaboration and cooperation, more complicated and broad projects can be tackled than ever before.

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