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Aquatic Food Production - Safety & Quality

International 120 ECTS MS programme in aquatic food production - safety and quality, resulting in a double degree obtained in two years. 

The AQFood MS programme targets Nordic and international students with a background in food science, biotechnology, chemistry, biology, natural sciences or engineering, and those who wish to specialize in Aquatic Food at the master level. 

Study tracks


Key elements of the programme

  • A double degree programme of 60 + 60 ECTS
  • Four Universities of entry, i.e. you can start your first year at any of the four universities
  • The first semester (30 ECTS) with e-learning and courses from four Nordic universities
  • Specialization depending on the combination of universities
  • Mobility between universities and countries after the first year of study
  • Four universities of exit. However, if you spent the first year at NTNU or NMBU, then your second year must be spent at either DTU or UoI
  • For the master thesis you will have two thesis supervisors, one from each of the institutions involved in the study track.
  • Possibility to focus on the entire aquatic value chain from resources to consumption and health
  • Strong link to companies in the aquatic food sector

Admission and applications

  • Applications sent directly to first year University
  • Applicants should indicate at which University they want to study at in their second year
  • UoI Deadlines:  February 1st for non-EU citizens, April 15th for Nordic Citizens 

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