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15/09/2020 - 12:14

Two new COVID-19 infections confirmed in staff on the University campus

Jón Atli Benediktsson, Rector of the University of Iceland, sent the following message to University staff and students today (15 September 2020):

"Dear students and colleagues, 

Unfortunately there have been two new confirmed COVID-19 cases among staff on the University campus. 

One staff member working in Setberg has been diagnosed as well one staff member working in Háma in the University Centre, as announced by Student Services. A staff member working in the Main Building was also diagnosed at the weekend, as previously announced.  

The Department of Civil Protection's contact tracing team has reviewed these cases thoroughly and ordered people to quarantine as necessary in order to guarantee the safety of all staff and students. All staff working in Háma in the University Centre are now in quarantine and the cafeteria is temporarily closed. The contact tracing team considers the chance that Háma customers have been infected to be low, meaning they do not have to quarantine. 

In light of the circumstances, naturally many people are alarmed and I urge you, dear students and colleagues, to make use of the free psychological services on offer. 

As the situation stands, it is crucial that all conferences, symposiums and meetings take place online using web conferencing software. If there is no way to avoid meeting in person, everyone involved should take the utmost precautions and ideally wear face masks. I would also strongly encourage students and staff to postpone or cancel all planned gatherings on the University campus. 

Let's remember to take responsibility, give careful consideration to infection control and follow official public health guidelines to the letter. Anyone who notices even the mildest symptoms must stay at home. In such cases, contact your local health clinic and report your illness to your immediate superior so that students and staff in the relevant building can be informed.

I would also like to encourage you, dear students and colleagues, to download the Directorate of Health's contact tracing app.

Of course it is extremely unfortunate that this situation has arisen, but we do know that it is temporary and that now it is more important than ever that we unite to get through this together.

Let's look out for one another and focus on the positive. 

Good luck to you all. 

Jón Atli Benediktsson, Rector"