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17/09/2021 - 08:39

The University of Iceland introduces a new system to facilitate contact tracing

The University of Iceland introduces a new system to facilitate contact tracing - Available at University of Iceland

The University of Iceland has introduced a system enabling students and teaching staff to register for classes with a QR code, available on all tables in all of the University's classrooms. This is to minimize the disruption in University operations in the event of COVID-19 infection in teaching, and consequently to support efficient contact tracing. 

How does the system work?

Registration is extremely easy. Students and faculty use their phones to scan the QR code on their table. If you don't have a phone or your phone does not support QR codes you can also log in at the website stated below the QR code (see diagram below).

QR kodi

Students and faculty receive a confirmation once registration has been received and can, furthermore, change any details there; e.g. if the class runs longer or shorter than originally planned (see diagram below). 


It is important that teachers and students do not rearrange tables and chairs in University classrooms as it might lead to false information on the location of the infected individuals.

How is the information used?

The data from the new system is stored in the University of Iceland's database and will saved for this purpose only. The data will be deleted every 3 weeks.

Should there be a COVID-19 infection at the University the Department of Civil Protection tracing team could possibly use the data to determine who of those exposed to the infection have to go into quarantine or take special precautions and who have to be alert of symptoms. This may prevent whole classes from being quarantined if there is an infection in a well-defined area of the classroom. The decision, however, is entirely in the hands of the Department of Civil Protection.

The University of Iceland encourages all those who have not already downloaded the Director of Health's tracing app to do so now. It is, furthermore, important to update the app regularly.

How do I report an infection?

Should there be an infection on campus it must be notified to the University of Iceland Emergency Response Board via email:

A student signing in for class