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31/07/2020 - 10:55

New restrictions in effect during ban on gatherings

Aðalbygging HÍ

Dear students and colleagues 

As most of you know and has been reported in the news, there has been a setback in the fight against COVID-19 and, as result, the authorities have tightened restrictions on gatherings. The new measures will remain in effect for two weeks or until 13 August. This means that the number of people allowed to gather is limited to 100 adults. In addition, the rules state that there must be at least two metres (2 m) between individuals and masks must be worn if this is not possible, such as in aircrafts and ferries.

The University of Iceland will of course uphold these rules in every respect and ensure that there are never more than 100 persons in the same location within the University. In addition, there will never be more people in smaller areas than can accommodate the 2 m rule.

Access to the premises of the University of Iceland

  • As a rule, the premises of the University of Iceland are open to students and staff as is stated on the website of the University.

  • In Háskólatorg (University Centre), in reading rooms and computer labs, the number of seats will be limited according to the 2 m rule. 

  • The maximum number of people in individual areas will also be limited to 100 persons, as specified by the authorities.

  • The same arrangements will apply to other premises in the University.

Working arrangements

As of noon today (31 July), the general rule applies that employees will come to work as normal except in special cases.

  • Employees who have their own offices will be at work as normal.

  • Employees who share offices will be at work according to agreements reached with supervisors. It is assumed that most will be able to attend to their work as normal. In open offices, there must be at least two metres (2 m) between workstations.

  • Employees with underlying illnesses, such as cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, immunosuppressed persons and pregnant women, may work from home. Those who have their own offices and prefer to come to work must take care of their health and respect the 2 m rule.

  • With respect to measurements/surveys and other out-of-town travel, the rules applicable to field trips must be followed under the present circumstances.

I would also like to draw your attention to the instructions that apply to persons arriving from abroad for study or work at the University of Iceland while the COVID-19 restrictions are in effect.

Further information on study arrangements for the coming autumn semester will be sent in the near future and close attention will be paid to the instructions of the authorities and their effect. In other respects, reference is made to the announcement from 19 June 2020.

I sincerely hope that most of you have enjoyed this past summer and I know that many of us have rediscovered the wonders of the Icelandic countryside and have experienced the diversity that characterises our society. Despite this current setback, I am sure that we will continue to enjoy all the advantages we have and will take care of each other. We must not forget to remain careful in our daily routines and to follow the rules set by the authorities to minimise contagion. Remember we are all responsible for civil protection and bear great responsibility.

Wishing you all the best dear students and colleagues.

Best regards,

Jón Atli Benediktsson, Rector

Aðalbygging Hí