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12/02/2021 - 15:06

International applications up a quarter despite COVID-19 

International applications up a quarter despite COVID-19  - Available at University of Iceland

It seems that the Corona pandemic has not put a damper on the interest of international students in studying at the University of Iceland, as witnessed by the increase of 25% in international applications compared to last year. There are also indications that more students will apply for exchange studies at the University in the coming academic year than last year. 

The application period for international students for the academic year 2021-2022 ended 1 February and the applications received were 1,250 in total. They were 1,000 at the same time last year; before the corona pandemic broke out. The increase is thus 25% between years. 

Almost half of the international applications are for undergraduate programmes; the most popular among them is Icelandic as a second language, or 400 applications in total for a diploma or BA-studies. Over six hundred applications came through for graduate studies from applicants of foreign origin. The most popular programmes were environment and natural resources, Viking and medieval studies, global studies, earth sciences, and international affairs.  

Most applications were for the School of Humanities, or 650 in total, the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences got 200 applications whereas the School of Social Sciences received close to 170. The School of Education received almost 80 applications and the School of Health Sciences around 40. Applications for interdisciplinary graduate studies were over a hundred.  

The number international applications will probably rise, as applicants from the Nordic countries can, just like Icelandic applicants, apply for graduate studies until 15 April, and for undergraduate studies until 5 June.  

Over 700 students with foreign citizenship began their studies at the University of Iceland last autumn, however, among them were considerably fewer exchange students than previous years due to the impact of the global pandemic. Taking note of the number of applications the University has already received, a lot of international students, however, hope to be able to come to Iceland for the exchange studies this coming autumn.  It will however not become clear until this spring how large the group will be, as the application deadline for exchange studies is in May.  

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