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01/07/2020 - 09:07

Important that international students are a part of the University community

Emily Helga Reise was recently hired as the new International Officer at the University of Iceland Student Council; she is the second person to hold this post.  The International Officer caters to the needs of international students, oversees the Student Council services for them, and facilitates their participation in the University community.  The International Officer thus represents international students in all aspects of their dealings at the University of Iceland.

Emily is going to emphasize orientation for new international students, enabling them to adjust better to the University community as well as Icelandic society. She will continue to develop and improve the mentoring system as mentors play a vital part in welcoming international students; helping them become a part of the community. "The mentoring system is also useful for Icelandic students planning on further studies or working abroad who want to get to know people from other continents. The connections that are formed are precious and the students gain international experience that can prove useful in the future”, says Emily.

"The University of Iceland is currently divided into two worlds in my opinion; on the one hand for Icelandic students and on the other for international students. We need to re-think this and think of the student body as one; being mindful that international students are part of the University community," says Emily. She points out that it is also important to support a growing group of Icelandic students of foreign origin. "I want to make sure that the University of Iceland celebrates this increased diversity and welcomes new Icelandic students of foreign origin with open arms, providing them with a good education and thus ensuring a more diverse Icelandic community.“

In addition to being an advocate for international students and providing them with mentors, the job also involves assisting the UI International Office in event planning for international students, such as orientation days and international days at the University of Iceland. The International Officer is a part of the office of the Student Council. Emily is furthermore the Student Council's representative in Aurora, a new network of nine European universities.

Emily recently completed undergraduate studies in psychology at the University of Iceland. She is half-German and half-Icelandic, but grew up in Sweden. She knows from experience what it is like to be an international student, both at Dutch schools, and here at the University of Iceland. She has valuable experience and insight that will prove useful in her work as International Officer. 

Emily's office is located within the Student Council's office in the University Centre on the 3rd floor (HT336), and her office hours are on Wednesdays and Fridays between 10.00-12.00. Students can also reach her via email:, or by phone 5700850.

Emily Helga Reise