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05/04/2024 - 10:45

Grants for interdisciplinary research in engineering, health- and physical sciences

Grants for interdisciplinary research in engineering, health- and physical sciences - Available at University of Iceland

STAFN: The Brynja Einarsdóttir and Örn Almarsson Scholarship Fund is now accepting grant applications. The Fund aims to support the education and broaden the horizons of promising students in the physical sciences, health sciences, engineering, and computer sciences, e.g. artificial intelligence and bioinformatics. Particular priority is given to grant proposals with some connection to health, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development. The Fund will award grants to students from Iceland currently studying or who have studied at the University of Iceland, at the Master's, doctoral or higher levels, in Iceland or abroad, who take an interdisciplinary approach, e.g. researching biological processes using computer models and AI. 

The Fund is intended to promote collaboration between disciplines and encourage students to look beyond their own subject and technical area of expertise. Grants will be awarded to two applicants/projects per year in line with the aims of the Fund.

The application deadline is 6 May 2024.

The total sum to be allocated is up to ISK 4,000,000.

Grant proposals must include the following:

  • Applicant's name, national ID number, address, telephone number and valid email address. 
  • The University at which the applicant is enrolled.
  • Title of the project, aims and scientific or practical value.
  • Abstract: Concise description of the project, which will be used in general promotion and publicity if the proposal is accepted (max. 150 words).
  • A lengthier description of the project, including a more detailed description of its aims, implementation and output (max. 1,500 words).
  • Project start date (month, year).
  • Work timeline and budget.
  • Collaborating partners and other supporters if applicable.
  • How the money will be used if the proposal is accepted.
  • Information about other financial support.
  • Names, telephone numbers and email addresses of two people who could provide references.
  • CV and bibliography (accompanying document).

All proposals will be treated as confidential. The board of the Fund reserves the right to reject all applicants. 

Grant recipients must report on the status of their projects after a year. If a grant is used in a way that is not consistent with the application, it must be repaid.

Grants will be allocated in September 2024.

Proposals should be sent as an attachment to the University of Iceland Scholarship Funds email address:

The Fund was established on 5 January 2004 by Brynja Einarsdóttir, beautician, and Örn Almarsson, chemist. Brynja and Örn are a couple from Hafnarfjörður, living in the US but still with roots and business interests in Iceland. Örn graduated with a degree in chemistry from the University of Iceland in 1988.

Further information is available on the home page for the Fund on the University of Iceland grants and funds site, Alternatively, contact Helga Brá Árnadóttir, project manager for scholarship funds at the University of Iceland,, or Eiríkur Steingrímsson,, chair of the Fund's board.