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03/09/2019 - 14:19

edX course on Intercultural Competency in Education

edX course on Intercultural Competency in Education - Available at University of Iceland

Our new edX course on cultural competency starts on 16 September. The aim of the course is to provide students with deeper understanding of different identities and culture; and how this understanding can be adapted to one’s own culture and society. At the end of the course the student should have attained better understanding of the importance of cultural awareness in teaching and increased her/his cultural competency by learning practical ways to utilise the potential of different cultures for problem solving and inspiration; how varied identities can be negotiated fairly, and how to increase respect for different languages and cultures, thus creating a fairer educational community. 

Short promotional video for a new University of Iceland’s edX course

International migration has led to the globalisation of education. An increased number of immigrants and refugees has brought about increased interaction between people with different cultural backgrounds – increasing the risk of cultural tension. Today all levels of education face the challenge of adapting their services to more diverse student groups. It is thus more important than ever that people working at all levels of education increase their cultural awareness, show understanding towards students and parents with diverse cultural backgrounds. 

The course is part of a project that is sponsored by Nordplus Horizontal and led by Höfði, Reykjavík Peace Centre, the University of Iceland and Hanna Ragnarsdóttir, professor of Multi-Cultural Studies at the University of Iceland. Scholars from the Universities of Oslo, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Alborg and Riga participated in developing the course alongside specialist from the municipalities of Reykjavík, Helsinki, Gothenburg, and Oslo. 

The course Intercultural Competency in Education, it is free of charge and registration is currently open on the edX web.