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12/05/2022 - 16:58

Call for representatives on the University of Iceland Council for the next two years

Call for representatives on the University of Iceland Council for the next two years - Available at University of Iceland

The University hereby calls for candidates and recommendations for representatives from the academic community on the University Council for the period 1.7.2022–30.6.2024.  

A person selected to represent the academic community on the University Council shall be a member of academic staff at the University of Iceland, holding a full-time position (at least 75% employment). A school dean, faculty head or deputy faculty head is not eligible to act as representative. Information on the candidate's professional field and a short curriculum vitae (maximum one A4 page) shall be made available to the University Forum. It must also be evident that persons recommended or volunteering as candidates are willing to accept the nomination, since it is binding. 

Recommendations/candidacies, along with the information specified above, must be emailed to the Office of the Rector ( no later than Friday 27 May 2022, 12 pm.

Recommendations/candidacies will be submitted as proposals for the resolution of the University Forum and sent out with the meeting notice a week before the University Forum meeting, due to be held remotely on Wednesay 8 June 2022. 


Article 6 of the Act on Public Higher Education Institutions no. 85/2008 states that a university with more than 5,000 students must appoint a university council. It also stipulates that, besides the rector, the council shall comprise 10 members, appointed for a two-year term: 

  1. Three representatives from the academic community, appointed by the University Forum. 
  2. Two representatives appointed by the general association of students at the University. 
  3. Two representatives appointed by the Minister of Science, Education and Culture. 
  4. Three representatives appointed by representatives already appointed to the University Council.

Article 3 of the Regulation for the University of Iceland no. 569/2009 provides for the nomination and election of representatives from the academic community to the University of Iceland Council. The period of appointment for the current representatives ends on 30 June 2022 and therefore nominations are required for three representatives and three alternates. New representatives will be nominated at the University Forum, Wednesday 8 June 2022.