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03/09/2021 - 10:39

Bike to school

Bike to school - Available at University of Iceland

The Student Council (SHÍ), The University of Iceland, and the Icelandic Student Services (FS), in collaboration with The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland, organise the initiative Bike to school that takes place between 6 and 17 September. The initiative is based on Bike to work (or hjólað í vinnuna), placing emphasis on this healthy, environmentally friendly and economical mode of transportation to and from work. This initiative and competition is, furthermore, meant to promote a positive and healthy social life at the University of Iceland.

Students and staff are encouraged to take part in this initiative and join a team within their faculty, division, or office. Everyone can take part in Bike to school as long as they use their own energy to get to and from the University, i.e. bike, run, rollerblade etc. Those using public transport can also participate by registering the distance they walk or bike to and from the bus stop.

The competition in Bike to work is twofold:

  • A competition between teams on the number of days they participate, proportional to the number of participants.
  • A competition between teams on the most kilometres logged in proportion to the number of participants.

Registration takes place at

  1. Click on the yellow button at the top right corner on the page marked (marked „Innskráning“). Those taking part in the initiative for the first time sign up by clicking the button „Nýskráning“. Others use their existing username and password to sign in.
  2. Once participants are signed in they go to the tab „Liðsstjórnun“ beside „Minn aðgangur“.
  3. Under „Skráning“ you can choose your workplace from a drop-down list and click "áfram".
  4. Then you see all the teams that have been created within the University of Iceland. Participants can either join an existing team or register a new team by filling in the empty entry field.
  5. For a team to become visible it must include a minimum of 3 team members and a maximum of 10. The first team member to sign up on the website creates and names the team of the faculty/ work station.
  6. You can sign up at any time during the competition.

The faculty/work station that recruits the most people to sustainable transport receives a special honorary document from The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland; as it is the main purpose of this initiative to draw attention to healthy, environmentally friendly, and economical transportation. The team that logs the most kilometres per capita receives a recognition from the Icelandic Student Services (FS).

The following bike shops give University students and staff with UI cards a discount in their stores for the duration of the initiative

  • Verslunin TRI, Suðurlandsbraut 32, offers 10% discount of all bike products.
  • Verslunin GÁP, Faxafeni 7, offers 15% discount of all bike accessories and clothing.
  • Rafhjólasetur Ellingsen, Fiskislóð 1, offers 20% discount of all bike accessories and 25.000 kr. discount of all electric bikes (does not apply to scooters) until the end of September.
  • Reiðhjólaverzlunin Berlín, Háaleitisbraut 12, offers 15% discount of these products