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10/06/2022 - 14:26

Around 250 kids attend the University of Youth

Around 250 kids attend the University of Youth - Available at University of Iceland

International affairs, surgeries, programming, game theory, Roman culture and ways to survive in nature among the subjects tackled by students this summer. 250 kids from ages 12 to 14 are enrolled in the school.

The University of Youth was established in 2004 and is a platform for knowledge-hungry and energetic youngsters to learn about science and the wonders of the universe from diverse and interesting perspectives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put its mark on the University of Youth for the past two years. It is thus a great pleasure to be able to welcome a large group of young students on campus again.

Students could choose between sixteen timetables that give them insight into diverse fields of study and science. The subjects are diverse and touch upon social sciences, humanities, educational sciences, health sciences, and natural sciences equally; as well as interdisciplinary studies.

The timetables include, on the one hand, subjects like chemistry, robot design, innovation, Japanese, UN Sustainable Development Goals, computer games' design, and sport and health sciences, and on the other other hand subjects are outdoor teaching and adventure, forensic science, nutrition, chemistry, Chinese, programming and surgeries.

Teaching takes place in the mornings in two University buildings, Askja and Oddi, but on Thursday 15 June students take part in a theme day and spend all day on one subject. The University of Youth ends with a barbecue and final celebration at noon on 16 June.

Teaching at the University of Youth is in the hands of University teaching staff and students.
It is possible to monitor the University of Youth both on its website and Facebook page