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Medical Life Sciences

Medical Life Sciences

120 ECTS - MS degree

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Do you want to deepen your knowledge in a chosen field within medical life sciences? Do you want to work on your research skills and scientific practices? Check out MS study in Medical Life Sciences. 

About the study

MS degree in Medical Life Sciences is a 120 ECTS credit, two year, theoretical and practical research-based programme of studies.

The study includes:

  • Courses (30 or 60 ECTS)
  • MS research project (60 or 90 ECTS)

Further information on the programme in the Course Catalogue.

Handbook for MSc students

The objective of the programme

To expand and deepen the students theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding in this field of study. Students learn to prepare and conduct measurements and research, process and interpret results, present and discuss their own research in the context of knowledge in the field.

Admission requirements

Graduate studies

BS degree from the University of Iceland, or an equivalent degree or examination, with a minimum GPA of 6.5 (on a scale from 0-10). It is permitted to disregard the minimum mark rule if a student has, e.g., demonstrated his/her academic aptitude and/or qualifications in independent research.

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After graduation

  • students have the ability to design, organize and conduct measurements and experiments in this particular field
  • students are able to define a research subject, formulate research questions and hypotheses in a independent and professional manner
  • students have developed the necessary intellectual capacity, critical thinking and independent practices to be able to take on doctoral studies.
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Further studies

The MS degree in Medical Life Sciences qualifies for application for three year (180 ECTS) doctoral studies.

Social life

Helix is the graduate student association in life science.

Helix members come from various fields, like: the University of Iceland, Decode, Keldur, the University hospital, the Institute of Life and Environmental Sciences, the Center for Systems Biology, the Science Institute, the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, the Bloodbank, Læknagarður and many more.

Contact us

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