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French Studies - BA


French Studies

180 ECTS - BA degree

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French is an important language in international co-operation. Together with English and German, it's a language of the institutions of the European Union and one of six official languages at the United Nations. French studies provide students with a good knowledge of the French language, literature, culture and history of the French-speaking language areas in the world. 

About the programme

The BA degree major in French studies is a three-year program (180 credits). The first year the accent is put on skills and comprehension in the language. In the second and third year, the student has more specific and more varied choices of courses.

By the end of the studies, the student should have acquired a wide and concise knowledge of the history of culture and literature in French-speaking countries. The student should be able to communicate fluently both in spoken and written French; work in a critical and independent way along with a certain original way of thinking.

Admission requirements

Undergraduate studies

Icelandic matriculation examination (stúdentspróf: school leaving examination from secondary school) or equivalent qualification. Further information can be found in article 15, regulation on admission requirements for undergraduate study no. 331/2022.

Students are required to have language proficiency at the A2 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Every new student takes a placement test at the beginning of the semester.

Students' comments

Anna Kristín Ásbjörnsdóttir
French Studies - BA

Enrolling in French Studies at the University of Iceland is one of the best decisions in my life! The programme is organized really well by teachers and staff, enabling students to do their best at all times. I went to study to gain more knowledge of French, but there is so much more to it. I learned how to tackle tasks using organized, scientific work methods, expanded my network, and opened the door to new opportunities!

Sumarliði V Snæland Ingimarsson
French Studies - BA

I chose French studies because I have wanted to learn French ever since high school, mainly because the language can open many doors for further study and the job market. I also want to be able to type in French on the street as if nothing were more natural! The programme is very diverse and not only gives you increased skills in this beautiful and widespread language, but you also get a good insight into the history, culture, and society of France. The projects are of varied, and in my first year of study I have read short stories, worked on translations, read and analyzed French plays, watched films and documentaries, trained pronunciation, and received training in creative writing. The study programme is also very contemporary- we attend a French film festival and choose a film to critique, and  work on translations from recent newspaper articles on current affairs. There is also a strong emphasis on conversations in class to improve expression skills, both in everyday life and within the academy. The groups are small enough for everyone to have their own space and be able to take an active part. What stands out are the teachers who do their best to provide students with professional and personal advice, and help them develop their way of learning. We must not forget that it is possible to go on an exchange program in the 2nd year of study to a number of cities and towns in France, Belgium, and elsewhere!

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