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Public Dental Clinic

Public Dental Clinic - Available at University of Iceland

The University of Iceland Faculty of Odontology provides dental services for the general public. The service is available while teaching is in session, from mid-August until November and from early January until mid-April.The primary aim of teaching at the Faculty of Odontology is to train dentists. A large part of the programme is about treating patients. Student dentists learn to provide a wide range of treatments, for example dental cleaning, root canal procedures, fillings and dental prosthesis.

Student dentists provide treatments supervised by their instructors in the Faculty of Odontology's clinical teaching facilities on the second floor in Læknagarður, Vatnsmýrarvegur 16. 

Children are welcome!

Children aged 0–17 are welcome to attend a free examination and analysis of their oral health. We also offer free treatment for children.

Children with disabilities or special needs are particularly welcome, because the Faculty wants students to have the opportunity to be trained in how to care for these patients.